Welcome To Kalawant Textiles

Who we are

       Kalawant group is a manufacturer and supplier of woven fabric with our state of the art machines. We are committed to give our customers world class quality fabrics.

       We manufacture wide range of fabric ranging from Ne count 6s to100s ranging from voil fabric to Heavy rapper fabrics , dobby to yarn dyed fabrics. Production capacity of kalawant group is 6 lakh meter per mount depending upon EPI.


       Kalawant Group started its business way back in 1976 by Mr. Ilahi Adam Kalawant & Mr. Rashid Adam Kalawant with just 2 power looms. Though machines were less but willpower was sky high. Starting their business from zero they started to lay foundation blocks in this company. With their immense hard work & dedication they rocketed the business and by 2001 Kalawant Group had 100 power looms & by 2006 there were 128 power looms, with production capacity of 2 lakh meter per month.

       In 2007 Mr. Imran Ilahi Kalawant & Mr. Mohsin Rashid Kalawant joined the family business. They soon started experimenting with different yarns & fabric, & by 2011 they took a major dissension of technical up gradation and expanded the business with state of art 48 high speed air jet weaving machines & took the company to new heights.


Spares & Accessories

Warp beams with 800/1000 mm flange Aluminum cloth roller having max 600 to 700 mtrs at fineness Quality Dropper pin 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 0.8 According to quality repeat gear set with cams for different designs (Plain, Twill, Drill, Satin) etc Omni Plus Machine having individual speed inverter device to control the speed up to 800 rpm


We have 4 compressors of IR MLD55 of 55 kw, 1 compressor of Atlas Copco GA55 of 55 kw & 1 compressor of Atlas Kaeser CSD105 of 55 kw, out of these compressors one of the IR make compressor have inverter drive which can run at low speed automatically so as to ensure constant pressure(6.5 bar).

Maintainance Department

We are very conscious and strict about the maintenance. We do the maintenance of machine daily, weekly and monthly as per the schedule. Under motion greasing and oiling is the main role of this machine. Dobby oil and Main tank oil changing as per the schedule. Other maintenance can be done during beam getting and knotting.


We have installed fully automatic humidification plant of “Batli boi”, make humidification plant to control the atmosphere of the department. We maintained the room temperature 250 c and 85% RH. Plant working itself according to the session by automatic sensor to maintain the temperature of weaving department 12 months, So it is very effective plant to maintain the Room temperature, machine temperature, fluff control, Also to make a healthy environment to workers.

Electric Installation

In our unit 750 KVA transformer, metering panel, switch gear, metering cubical, load break switch, stabilizer, cables, meters and other electrical materials required for 700 HP electric load have been installed which is supervised and monitored by special Electrical Engineer.

Weaving Options

As we have good variety of machines we can weave all fabrics ranging from 6s Ne count to 100s Ne count, we can weaves basic weave such as plain, twill, satin, sateen; Complex weave such as plain+twill, plain+satin, dobby up to 16 shafts, double cloth, Industrial use of Fabric in various constructions.
Reeds- To insure effort less weaving we use branded profile reed of Schoch Reed India. We have good reed stock.

Quality Control

First we control the Quality from weavers in department, Continuous rounding done by weavers, beam, gaiters, fitters and supervisors during shift, Special Quality rounder is continuously done quality round and give orders to the master, Beam gaiters and weavers. First piece must be drop in 100 mtrs and check by checker to control Quality as early as possible and gives report to party quickly and discuss any changes. First mending is done to remove problems in fabric then rolling or folding is done as per requirement of party. 4 point standard checking is compulsory done to maintain Quality.

Fully Computerized MIS

Daily MIS reporting is done to get the cycle of plant like beam fall, daily production, weft consumption etc. Wi-Fi network is available to continuous linking with net banking to get current status of account. LAN networking is done that all computers are connected to each other. C.C.TV camera situated in the whole department for the safety and connected to the server.

Our abilities

1. Shirting / ladies wears

       We are specialized weaving fabric of 100% cotton, we also supply blended fabrics such as polyester cotton, polyester viscose & 100% polyester .We can weave fabric from 50 grams to up to 250 grams. We can weave fabrics in self-dobby, Name selvedge (monogram) , polyester cotton fillafil, fabrics with multiple counts in warp & weft.

2. Bottom wears

       We can weave 100 % cotton, 100 % polyester, blended fabrics such as PC, PV , with or without Name selvedge as per customer’s needs.

3. Technical Textiles

       We can weave fabric for medical gauze fabric, fabric needed for coating purposes, fabric ranging from 50 grams to 700 grams. We are regular supplier of oxford & duck fabrics.

Future Plans

       We are going to expand in next 2 years by installing another 24 high speed air jet looms & in next 2 years we will install state of the art sizing & warping so as to increase production capacity up to 9 lack meter fabricper month with in house weaving preparatory.


       Our mission is to serve our customers by manufacturing and supplying quality fabric at affordable cost. We believe in “quality first” policy we at kalawant group are dedicated to manufacture best quality fabric with the rejection less than 0.5%. We are dedicated to supply the fabric in specified time period.


      Our Vision is to become top textile company & spread business across the globe. With this dream we want to expand our production capacity to 100 state of the art weaving machines & in house weaving preparatory. We want achieve the turnover of INR 10 billion per annum by 2022.